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Why do You need a Video Website?

Take the next step, and put the law of large numbers on your side by building a mobile friendly video web site which includes our video distribution tool.

Did you know? A web site with a video is 52 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results compared to a web site without video. Even more surprising, a landing page with a video is 97% more likely to convert a potential client compared to a page without video content.

Customized for your business

We like to make you the star of this process. Our website team will interview you to get to know what makes your company unique.  Search Friendly Videos will create the website experience based on your feedback, and together with your company, we will have an end product that drives optimal traffic and customer conversions. Our team is built with people from all backgrounds of marketing, and we tackle every project with decades of online marketing experience. We’re here to make sure your company story is heard.

Want to learn more?

Visit our Website Portfolio page to see examples of mobile friendly video web sites we have created for our clients.

Take your digital footprint to the next level. Contact Us to set up a free consultation to learn how Search Friendly Videos can help.

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