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Video Linking Strength 

Once your videos have been plugged into our video distribution network and web-crawlers are educated on your targeted digital service area we use the power of video linking strength to market your videos town by town, keyword by keyword across our network of local channels. This proven process assembles vertical video content, and then links up with individual keyword-dense video pages, assisting with validation of videos, and invigorating and exciting search engines to select the most relevant video content to serve for very specific and targeted online searches. This process results in what is called net-gain first page results, meaning your video marketing campaign continues to grow in strength, size and scale month on month. 

Personal Attention

Each video we place into our network is manually uploaded by our team. This makes every video upload we do unique. Every video placed into one of our local town channels has its own keywords, description and view count. We take the care to montior every video we place within our network in order to maximize the net-gain first page results for each and every client. 

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