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Putting the law of large numbers on your side, keyword by keyword, throughout your entire targeted digital service area.

The Problem

Local businesses historically have struggled with cost-effective solutions to reach and educate consumers about the local targeted service areas in which they operate. Traditional SEO often uses an antiquated page building process that is often too costly to drive the necessary scale of service to produce a real return on investment. Business owners are left discouraged because they never had a chance to reach the same level that billion dollar companies use every day. 

The Solution

Search Friendly Videos has built a proprietary video distribution network of hyper-local online platforms that help educate web-crawlers on where our small business owners offer service. Search Friendly Videos creates and distributes hundreds of individual and unique video pages, keyword by keyword, and town by town, to help put the law of large numbers on our clients’ side. Unlike traditional SEO, where results may take months, video pages can appear in days.

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